Pakwonga Jupanyanvor residents worried as theft of livestock deepens

Residents of Pakwonga Jupanyanvor in Wagungu Chiefdom DRC are spending sleepless nights over the rising cases of theft of livestock. The night thieves mainly target Chicken, goats, and pigs.

The area chairman Mr. Osaga told Terra Fm in an interview that many goats have so far been stolen since the beginning of this Month, leaving residents heartbroken as the animals are one of their major sources of livelihood.

Osaga said that the growing theft of livestock is pushing residents back to poverty.

He said that several farmers have abandoned the rearing of livestock since they fear losing them to thieves suspected to be selling the stolen animals to restaurant owners at the Lake Albert shores, adding that in less than a month 15 goats have been lost to the thieves.

Jalwiny Marko who claims losing his 5 goats to the thieves noted that the situation has been worsened by the lack of enough security personnel in the area.

He noted that over 20 goats have been stolen only in Pakwonga in less than a month.

He also blamed the increasing criminality on the demands of Hotel owners at the lake shore site.