Agreement to end militia hostilities in Irumu launched

Work to evaluate the Aru protocol agreement signed at the beginning of June by the local armed groups that signed the act of commitment to cease hostilities, notably FRPI, FPIC, CODECO/urdpc and MAPI, was launched this Tuesday, June 27, 2023 in Gety Etat, chief town of the Walendu Bindi chiefdom in the Irumu territory, 60km south of Bunia.

In his welcome address, the military administrator of the Irumu territory called for the opening of two disarmament sites and for a sensitization team to go out into the field to sensitize other armed groups that had not signed the act of engagement.

The work will be led by the commander of the 32nd military region, Major General Peter Cirimwami, under the instructions of the military governor and commander of operations in Ituri, Lieutenant-General LUBOYA N’KASHAMA Johnny. The representative of the provincial executive indicated that despite the enemies of peace, the armed groups who signed the Aru protocol agreement have remained firm.

The two-day meeting was attended by the PDDRC-S deputy national coordinator in charge of operational issues and MONUSCO Ituri, as well as by two members of the Chini ya Tuna group of armed bandits who agreed to follow the path.