Two civilians killed and several houses burnt down by ADF in Mambasa

On Sunday June 25, 2023, armed men identified as ADF rebels invaded the locality of Manya on National Road number 4 in Mambasa territory of Ituri province.

According to local civil society, the rebels killed two civilians during the incursion and set fire to several houses belonging to the local population.

This organization denounces the lethargy of the security services, who had been alerted to the presence of these rebels shortly before their incursion into this locality.

Colonel Maxime Tshishimbi, assistant administrator of the Mambasa territory, confirmed the news to He urged the population of this part of Mambasa to remain calm.

He points out that security measures have already been reinforced in this area and its surroundings. This authority of the state of siege calls on those who have fled their homes, to be able to return to them, because, he says, calm already reigns in the locality.