The Nande and Lesse communities have decided to live together after resolving their differences

The Lesse and Nande communities have decided to bury the hatchet and live together. This follows a three-day dialogue held in Komanda, chief town of the Basili chiefdom in Irumu territory, Ituri province, on Thursday June 23, 2023.

During these three days, the communities discussed the differences that have opposed them since October 2022, and came up with possible solutions. An extract from the speech by the military administrator of the Irumu territory, Colonel SIRO NSIMBA Bunga Jean, who represented the military governor of Ituri, Lt General LUBOYA N’KASHAMA also encouraged this way of seeking peace, which is the subject of a non-stop struggle in Ituri province, which is currently experiencing an unprecedented security crisis.

He urged the two communities to give priority to living together, in order to strengthen their unity both socially and in terms of security.

Speaking one after the other, Mr. Omer KAHINDO, provincial deputy, believes that justice must do its job to stop the hemorrhaging of the horrors of war, while his colleague, Mr. David AFITAHANDE, wants these communities to live together peacefully.

In the meantime, the military administration, with the support of its partners including Pole Institut and Monusco, is responsible for ensuring the stability of this peace agreement between the two communities, and a monitoring committee has been set up, headed by the interim chief of the Walese Vonkutu chiefdom.