Mahagi: one person killed and another injured by lightning in the village of Pamone Ape

One person was killed and another seriously injured by lightning on Friday June 23, 2023, in the village of Pamone Ape, in the Ngote groupement, in the Panduru chiefdom, not far from the trading center of Ngote, chief town of the said chiefdom, in the Mahagi territory. The village is located some 33 km west of the rural commune of Mahagi, in the Ituri province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sources confirmed to report that the injured man is a secondary school finalist at the Lycée Sainte Bakita in Luga. He is also a referee in the Panduru sports group. He is currently undergoing treatment at a local health facility.

This information has been confirmed by the civil society sub-coordination of the Panduru chiefdom.

As for the deceased, arrangements have been made for his burial in his native village, according to the same sources.