12 people sentenced to death for terrorism in Kwamouth conflict

Twelve people have been sentenced to death for terrorism by the Bandundu-Bagata-Mai Ndombe garrison military court in the case pitting the public prosecutor against the assailants in Kwamouth, Mai-Ndombe province. This was reported in a dispatch from the Congolese Press Agency on Saturday June 24.

The defendants are Bolonga Bantu, Mazumbu Salabiaku, Madioko Modero, Maluma Makila, Kibanda Thomas, Kulefa Salayi, Pika Mubiadi, Kusula, Nzuku, Matiti Maluma, Balabala Moke and Fambongo Kumbi.

As for the defendant Mabaya Kbwila Jordan, the court declared itself incompetent to judge him as he is a minor.

In the case of the defendants Massamba Mukakala, Bunda Muyamo, Intu Ekoko Jean and Abibo Sakasaka, the court found that the prosecution had been extinguished due to death.

The court then declared that it had no case to answer in respect of the defendant Kusaka Junior. Seven defendants were acquitted on the grounds of insufficient evidence. They were Ludia Nico, Mundela Patrice, Muleke Ngwadaka, Masaka Arnold, Bwabubi Moke, Mudiaba Kulunganga and Mambanzila Maluta.

Lastly, the court, sitting as a first-degree criminal court, ordered the confiscation, for the benefit of the Congolese state, of the edged weapons and hunting weapons seized by the military prosecutor’s office.

The deterioration of the security situation in the Kwamouth territory (Mai-Ndombe) following the community conflict between Teke and Yaka has had a negative impact on other surrounding provinces, including part of the city-province of Kinshasa.

Several hundred people have been killed and thousands forced to move as a result of violent clashes between Teke and Yaka in the south-west of the DRC.

Interior Minister Peter Kazadi has declared that peace has been restored in Kwamouth territory. The CENI, which had not organized the identification and voter registration operation in this territory, announced the launch of this operation.