Man beaten and shot for marrying a soldier’s ex-wife in Nia Nia a Mambasa

On the night of June 21 to 22, 2023, a man in his late forties was beaten and shot in the left foot at the Nia-Nia trading center, 190 km west of Mambasa on the RN4, Ituri province.

According to the victim’s testimony, a FARDC element, not identified, burst into his plot of land and got into a violent argument with his wife, even threatening to kill her if she did not tell him where the child entrusted to him in Kisangani.

After giving the lady a good thrashing, the soldier turned back to him. He first gave him a few blows to the chest before putting a bullet in his left foot.

The victim is appealing to all those of good will and to the local authorities to come to his aid so that he can be transferred to a suitable medical facility to undergo the medical examinations necessary for appropriate treatment, as he is feeling intense pain in his chest.