Relief after all motorcycles impounded between boda boda riders of Uganda and DRC have been returned

Relief after Authorities in Ugandan- and DRC returned all motorcycles impounded by boda boda riders of both the two sister countries to the rightful owners in an event held at boarder point between Dei and Kolokoto popularly called No man’s Land

Seven Motorcycles for Uganda riders were returned to the right full owners as well as 18 motorcycles belonging to riders in DRC were also returned after series of warning by the authorities both from DRC and Uganda, the protest follows delayed action to return a motorcycles belonging to a Congolese Mungu Jakisa whose motorcycle was arrested in Feb 2023 while in Nyaravur Nebbi District over accusation of knocking a Uganda

Its reported that Mungu Jakisa tried all angles to see his motorcycle arrested in Nyaravur was returned but in vain, after spending close to Five month without getting justice he responded by revenging and also impounded one motor cycle belonging to a Ugandan while in Mahagi Port, this twiggered protest from Uganda boda boda riders who started arresting all motorcycles from DRC entering into Dei territory

Handing over the motorcycles to the right full owners in the presence of DRC and Uganda Security agencies, Alithum Laurence the chairman LC 3 Dei Sub County, cautioned civilians against taking the law into their hands

Speaking in Alur and being translated for him in local language, He went on to applaud regional cooperation between DRC and Uganda. saying that it’s the drive behind keeping the region safe.

THUMITHO UYER UMAMS who received the motorcycle on behalf of the King Onencan Chobidongo called for continued cooperation between the two countries.

The chairman boda boda rider Mahagi Port Ang’omoko Mbati urged his subjects to avoid taking the laws into their hand meanwhile he hailed the laical leaders for working together to come out with the right decision to get a solution.

On behalf of Boda Boda riders in Dei, Marko urged boda boda riders to observe discipline among them selves?