President Museveni sends more Ugandan troops into DRC to “pursue ADF rebels”

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday ordered more troops into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to pursue Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels believed to have killed 39 secondary students last Friday in Kasese district, western Uganda.

In a statement, Museveni says with the latest attack, there is no reason why Uganda’s army should not finish off the ADF for good.

Museveni said, The UPDF had, initially, concentrated on the bigger groups, west of the Rwenzori. After defeating the bigger groups, recently, they started hunting the smaller group, south of the Rwenzori Mountain, south of the Kasindi-Beni road

In a statement on Sunday afternoon, the president described the attack as cowardly by the rebel group which has also been designated as a terrorist outfit by the United States.

The president explained that following air and artillery strikes as well as offensives by the infantry UPDF and FADRC armies inside the DRC jungles, the ADF have ran into disarray and are now in smaller groups.