Ituri military court issues arrest warrant for 21 alleged perpetrators of the Lala attack

The superior auditorate of the Ituri military court has just opened a judicial file against twenty-one alleged members of the CODECO and Zaïre armed groups.

They are charged with participation in an insurrectional movement for violence committed on the night of June 12-13 at the Lala site for displaced persons in Djugu territory. Other offences will be determined at the end of the investigations, says the court.

In a report published on Friday June 16, the court instructed the operational sector of the 32nd military region of the DRC Armed Forces to execute these warrants, and to search for, arrest and bring to justice these individuals for prosecution.

During the attack on the Lala camp for displaced persons, forty-six people were killed, seven others wounded and several items of property damaged.

In the meantime, MONUSCO’s justice support section has issued a plea note calling on the Ituri military court to raid the scene of the tragedy to interview victims and witnesses, and take stock of the attacks, which it considers to constitute crimes against humanity.