Hippo attack canoe in Kisinja, leaving 1 person dead, injures one person

A 60 year old man is dead and One other person was injured in Kisinja in Wagungu chiefdom, Mahagi territory after a canoe they were using for fishing was attacked and hit by a charging hippopotamus.

This was disclosed by the chairman Beach management unit at Kisinja landing site Adubango Okum while in an interview with our reporter

He said the incident happened on Saturday after two men went fishing but before ending their mission a charged hippo roared at them and later hit at their boat saying one person died on spot while another one was injured before he was rescued by well-wishers.

He identified the dead as Vitho wod Jukoth and Simo Moro the survivor

Police Sub-Inspector Agnes Zalakoma, speaking to VOA via the WhatsApp, said the death toll is expected to rise as police detectives and rescue teams search for the missing people.

The canoe accident is the third deadly incident on the river in three years.

Mr Adubango has however asked the concerned person to have some of the animals removed from the area. He said a rising hippo population in particular is posing a food insecurity threat, as the animals are also destroying crops.