God rewards those who serve him, says pastor Isingoma

Pastor Isingoma Mutoro of Life Line Church in Nvodu Mahagi Port DRC has said God rewards those who serve him, the Pastor challenged Christians to make adequate effort to satisfy God with their best services at all times.

Pastor Isingoma made the remarks during a church summon during a fund raising drive held on Sunday at the Church, citing Ezekiel in the Bible, he noted that, Jehovah appreciates any service that is offered from a pure heart and also rejoices when his children honor him with a pure motive.

He also reciprocates their actions with blessings. That is, God will bless anyone who makes Him happy with his or her services. It is, therefore, important that every child of God serves him without an ulterior motive. We must serve God with full devotion and purity of our hearts to receive his unmerited blessing.