The Irumu TA praises the discipline of the armed groups who signed the Aru Act of Engagement in Ituri

The military administrator of the Irumu territory hails the collaboration between the armed groups who signed the act of commitment to cease hostilities after their return from the Aru inter-armed group dialogue. Colonel Siro Nsimba Bunga Jean made this statement at a meeting of the local security committee, extended to include the territory’s customary entities, held on Tuesday June 13 in Komanda, 75 kilometers south of the town of Bunia.

According to the head of the military administration in this part of Ituri, this collaboration is made possible by the various strategies put in place to manage these armed groups.

This meeting is part of together for security and peace in DRC implemented in Ituri province by the NGO VNG International with funding from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.