Capacity-building for mining players in the supply chain in Mahagi

A capacity-building workshop for mining players in the supply chain was held in Mahagi, Ituri province, Democratic Republic of Congo, from June 13 to 15, 2023.

The three (3)-day meeting brought together members of cooperatives and approved compotes, traders, civil society coordinators, young people and others. The Code ya Mboka hall in the commune of Mahagi was the venue for the community dialogue.

Work focused on several themes, including conflict resolution, reflection on the positive spin-offs of mining in the respective entities, and the identification and implementation of effective and sustainable conflict management mechanisms.

This activity is part of the “Nashiriki kwa Maskilizano” project, implemented by a consortium of four(4) organizations, namely the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), International Alert, Search for Common Ground and Justice-Plus, with funding from the European Union.

Nashiriki kwa Maskilizano is a project that contributes to strengthening social cohesion and stabilization in Ituri and North Kivu, two provinces in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo that are plagued by insecurity.

The event was hosted by Judith Ongona, head of the Mahagi-Djugu axis project, assisted by Séraphine Birungi, project coordinator based in Mahagi.

In her opening remarks, the deputy military administrator of the Mahagi territory called on all stakeholders to contribute to peace-building and stabilization in order to achieve lasting peace and social cohesion between communities affected by conflict.

It should be noted that, at the end of this work, the participants made a commitment to support these initiatives aimed at peace, security and peaceful cohabitation.

This activity is being carried out in all the project’s implementation zones, notably the territories of Djugu, Irumu, Mahagi and Mambasa.