A woman burned alive by the population at the Walukuba trading center

The Bulisia district police are investigating a case in which a woman was burnt alive in Walukuba in the Bulisia district of R. Uganda in the early hours of this morning, Thursday June 14, 2023.

The victim, identified as Pacutho, aged around thirty, originally from the Djukoth chiefdom in the Mahagi territory of the DRC but raised in Bitho, was caught stealing fry and was badly burned and thrown away in the vicinity of a school in Walukuba in the Bulisia district.

According to the local source consulted, by the time the police were alerted, it was already late for Pacutho to be rescued, and by the time the police and other security agents arrived and rescued her to save her life, she had died in their hands.

The local authorities have recently declared that cases of theft seem to be multiplying in this part of the Bulisia district. However, the police deplore the various cases of mob justice committed by the local population, and ask them not to take justice into their own hands, but to let it be applied by those who are supposed to do so. In the meantime, investigations are continuing to find the perpetrators of these acts.