MPs clash over Bunyoro University establishment

Members of Parliament (MPs) from Bunyoro have clashed over the “sure” start of Bunyoro University next financial year.

While at the 29th Coronation anniversary of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom annual festival – Empango, the Deputy Chairperson for Bunyoro Parliamentary Caucus, Ms Harriet Busiinge Mugenyi, assured the public that all was done and it was no more an issue to demand from the central government.

Ms Busiinge who is also the Hoima district Woman MP credited the NRM government for “doing wonders to the people of Bunyoro” in relation to public service and development.

She also commended the Bunyoro legislators in the 11th parliament for exhibiting the best ever working relationship that is reportedly bearing fruits in addressing the challenges of the region.

Just a few speakers after her, the Hoima city woman Member of Parliament, Ms Asinansi Nyakato Kamanda, delivered a heart breaking message about the long awaited Bunyoro public university to the same audience.

She expressed doubt that that it could start soon without budgetary allocation as the next financial year draws near.