Kilo civil society calls for seed assistance for displaced people to help themselves

Displaced people in Kilo-centre, the capital of the Banyali Kilo sector in Djugu territory (Ituri), are currently experiencing “an increased degree of vulnerability” due to a lack of assistance from NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and the government.

This observation was made by the president of local civil society, who spoke to

Jean-Robert Basiloko believes that it is imperative to provide them with seeds so that they can “take care of themselves”, as most of the displaced are farmers.

The Kilo site is home to thousands of displaced people, many of whom have fled the barbarities of armed groups in the surrounding towns of Mongbwalu. They have received no assistance since the beginning of 2023,” said the president of the Banyali Kilo civil society.

As a reminder, some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) carried out monitoring missions in the region last January. Since then, assistance has still not been provided to these vulnerable groups.