Hundreds turn up for Lake Albert U-report community sanitation activity in the Mahagi-Port

Hundreds of people Last Saturday, June 10, 2023, turned up for the Lake Albert U-report community sanitation activity to carry out cleaning of the environment as part of what is called U-action in Mahagi-Port trading center.

The aim of this activity was to maintain a healthy environment to combat certain water-borne diseases that can be caused by public or private garbage, and also to combat natural pollution.

The activity was a success, attracting thirty members of the U-report community taking part, along with a number of other people, including Boda boda riders, local authorities among others.

Addressing locals, Mr. Warom Samuel the head of the U report, pointed out that, explained that, U-report is a platform created by Unicef in technical partnership with the DRC’s volunteer-based Primary Health Care Promotion Program, adding that, it has certain difficulties in obtaining the materials needed to accomplish its mission.

Meanwhile, the mahagi port center master, Mr. Uthuma Patrice, hailed U-report on the program and asked all the inhabitants of Mahagi-Port center to follow the footsteps of the U-report community in order to preserve a healthy environment.

Meanwhile, other members of the community asked the population of the Wagongo chiefdom to prioritize the hygiene of their thousands to maintain better health.