DRC Electoral commission unveils its readiness for Democratic Republic of the Congo general election

The Independent National Electoral Commission CENI in Mahagi Territory has confirmed its readiness to conduct the general election scheduled for December.

Speaking to journalist, Bero Ruvakuma from [CENI] based in Mahagi said, As General elections are expected to be held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 20 December 2023, the commission has started preparations to received candidates in various positions for consultations, she at the same time urged candidates to register under a political party ahead of the general elections and also asked voters to have their final consultations for choice of best candidates in the fourth coming elections.

According to her, the electoral calendar released 26 November 2022 by the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI). Simultaneous elections will be held for the President, the 500 members of the National Assembly, the elected members of the 26 provincial assemblies, and, for the first time under the new constitution, members of around 300 commune (municipal) councils.