4 armed groups sign a memorandum of understanding for the cessation of hostilities

4 active armed groups in Ituri province, including the Force de résistance patriotique de l’Ituri (FRPI), the Cooperative pour le développement du Congo (CODECO), the Force patriotique et integrationniste du Congo (FRPI) and the Mouvement d’autodéfense populaire de l’Ituri (MAPI), have just signed a roadmap for ending the security crisis in Ituri province.

This emerged from the inter-armed group dialogue held from Tuesday, May 30 to June 01, 2023 in Aru, capital of the territory of the same name. Through the consignature of this memorandum of understanding, they vowed to work for the return of peace, security and social cohesion, the foundations of all development.

Having expressed their patriotism and firm determination for the unwavering return of peace, the guarantee of development in Ituri province, these armed groups nevertheless recommend that both the national and provincial governments, as well as the international community, support the implementation of the roadmap resulting from this inter-armed group dialogue.

This was an opportunity for Major General Chirimwami Peter, who closed the meeting on behalf of the Military Governor of Ituri, Lieutenant General Johnny Luboya N’Kashama, to ask the armed groups, who are now co-signatories to this memorandum of understanding, to perpetuate the achievements of this dialogue, and for the communities to take ownership of these achievements, which are aimed at ensuring the stability of Ituri province.

A number of other resolutions were also adopted during the dialogue.