Dialogue between armed groups in Ituri also aims to “create an environment conducive to the holding of elections”

Talks between 4 armed groups in Ituri, namely the FRPI (Ituri Patriotic Resistance Force), the FPIC (Congo Patriotic and Integrationist Front), the CODECO (Cooperative for the development of Congo) and the MAPI (Popular Self-Defense Movement of Ituri), began on Wednesday May 31, 2023 in Aru, in the territory bearing the same name, in the northeast of Ituri province.

The meeting was launched by Major General Peter Chririmwami, Commander of the 32nd Military Region and representative of the Military Governor of Ituri.

According to him, the aim is to enable these militias to hold frank discussions in order to find solutions to the persistent insecurity, and thus create a favorable climate for the upcoming elections.

To achieve the expected results, the participants in this dialogue will focus on the endogenous and exogenous causes of armed conflict in Ituri, with a view to “proposing direct and lasting solutions that will immediately translate into the implementation of their commitment”, explains Major General Peter Chririmwami.

These talks between armed groups were organized by the Ituri military administration, with the support of MONUSCO (United Nations Organization Mission for the Stabilization of the Congo).