Daily weather changes affect fish catch, sales in Hoima

Daily changing weather patterns have been cited as among factors determining the amount of fish caught at Lake Albert in Hoima District, mid-western Uganda.

Mr Simon Aliinda, a fish vendor at Kiryateete market in Hoima city, says during dry conditions, fishers experience low catches and the reverse is true. This fluctuation in catches brings forth fluctuation in the price of fish depending on the market demand and supply.

He says with the current wet weather, there is plenty of fish with a kilogramme of either Nile Perch or tilapia going at Shs10,000 at lake price contrary to dry weather when it is sold at Shs12,000 at lake price due to low supply and the consequent high demand.

Due to the wet weather, the current market price at Kiryateete for fresh fish stands at Shs12,000 per kilo while previously during the dry weather it went at Shs15,000.