Authorities speak out on strategy to eradicate deadly goat disease

Authorities in Mahagi Port, Wagungu Chiefdom, have broken silence on a strategy to eradicate a highly contagious viral animal disease affecting domestic animals especial goats in the area

This was revealed by Wanican Wathum Vithor the veterinary officer in charge of Kolokoto – Dei Border while speaking to our reporter on Saturday.

Wanican said despite the fact that domestic animals, like goats, where millions of families depend heavily on these animals for nutrition and livelihoods, there is a contagious disease outbreak in the area where over 1goats have so far been killed in Mahagi Port and several goats have also succumbed to the disease in Jegu, Pajaw and Cubu .

He further said when it comes to viral animal diseases, much attention falls on the threats they pose on economic growth, human livelihoods, quality nutrition and food security can be equally devastating.

He has cautioned farmers to remain vigilant by protecting their animals from loitering in order to fight the disease.