Alur Community in Bunia (CABE) questions the UN report on the security situation in Mahagi territory

In a declaration made public on Sunday May 28, 2023, the Alur community of Bunia and its surroundings, “CABE”, expresses its deep concern about the United Nations Secretary General’s report of November 30-November 20, 2022, published in May of the current year on the security situation in Mahagi territory, in the province of Ituri.

The report in Points 18 and 19 of the report state: “In the eastern part of Djugu territory, CODECO factions have generally respected the commitment they made in June to cease hostilities, as evidenced by the relatively small number of incidents involving them. Relations between the Lendu and Alur communities have improved, with the provincial authorities and MONUSCO continuing to facilitate dialogue within and between communities. As a result, no violations were recorded in Mahagi territory during the reporting period”.

From January 1 to May 27, CABE reports that more than 83 people were killed, several others kidnapped in the Alur Djuganda chiefdom and 2 women in Angh’al II, more than 455 houses burnt down and more than 927 goats carried off by the CODECO militia in Mahagi territory.

Following the report, CABE says the UN Secretary General’s report contradicts the realities on the ground.