More than 500 vehicles blocked on the Bunia-Mahagi road section and exposed to attacks by armed groups

More than 500 vehicles carrying goods and public transport are blocked on the Bunia-Mahagi road section, which is strewn with quagmires. This, according to the Ituri civil society coordination, exposes users to attacks by armed groups active in the region.

Some vehicles that got stuck in the village of Gokalu were looted on Saturday 8 April by CODECO militiamen.

Civil society is calling on the government to improve all the roads in Ituri, which are almost impassable.

According to the transporters, there are several quagmires on this road, notably in Lopa, Gina, Matete, Nyapala, Pitso, Pimbo, Wala and Libi, where more than 500 vehicles transporting fuel and other essential products are blocked. This benefits the armed groups who looted some vehicles on Saturday in Gokalu in Djugu territory after threatening the passengers with death.

Mr. Dieudonnee Lossa, coordinator of the civil society of Ituri is thus alerting the national government to rehabilitate this road which remains the only one to supply the entire Ituri province.

According to the deputy director of the cabinet, in charge of finance and economy of the provincial government of Ituri, Mr. Steeve Sengida, the machines are already deployed for the maintenance of a part of this road which has deteriorated after the maintenance works.

Other national roads in Ituri, including Bunia-Beni and Bunia-Kisangani, are also very dilapidated and face insecurity due to the presence of ADF rebels.