A civilian killed, electoral kits damaged during an armed attack by the Mai-Mai

A civilian was killed and electoral kits damaged on Wednesday 5 April during an attack on an identification and voter registration centre in the town of Butembo. The army attributed the attack to suspected Mayi-Mayi. According to the spokesperson for the Sokola 1 Grand Nord operations, Captain Anthony Mwalushayi, the attackers were clearly aiming to sabotage the voter registration process underway in this commercial town.

The spokesman also said that this group of Mai-Mai Baraka broke into the Kiribatha primary school in the commune of Mususa in the town of Butembo early this morning. By firing into the air, these thugs damaged some electoral kits of the Independent National Electoral Commission, CENI. The armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo intervened quickly to save the situation, reassures the spokesman

Curiously, Captain Anthony continues that the youths of the Furu cell intervened and barricaded some arteries of the city of Butembo thus panicking the entire population of the city.

The armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo soon joined the Congolese national police to restore public order.

During this attack, these rebels, armed with AK 47 type weapons, fired in the air to spread terror. Unfortunately, these shots hit a Congolese citizen who died shortly afterwards from his injuries.