General Luboya declares that the current phase is for reconciliation through dialogue, but the orders remain formal

The governor of the province of Ituri, Lieutenant General Luboya Nkashama Johnny, returned to Bunia, the capital of the province of Ituri, on Tuesday 04 April 2023, after spending ten days in Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC, on a mission of service.

In his message to the local press a few minutes after his arrival, the provincial authority informed the inhabitants of Ituri that, even if the current phase is for reconciliation, the orders remain formal for the armed groups that will continue to compromise.

He went on to say that dialogue is the non-military approach, but the latter remains for the armed groups who will continue with the abuses. The Governor of Ituri Province also confirmed that he was with the new Minister of Defence and the Chief of Staff, Mr Jean-Pierre Bemba, and that the orders remain formal, adding that those who compromise will be severely punished.

This phase of inter-community dialogue, the date of which has not yet been officially announced, will come after the one that brought together members of the ENTE community in Bunia last time.