President Museveni rejects naming Uganda’s Hoima International Airport after himself

During a cabinet meeting on Monday, the $309 million Hoima International Airport project, which is close to completion, was the main topic of discussion. Ministers were suggesting potential names for the airport, Uganda’s second-largest inland gateway to the world.

However, President Yoweri Museveni rejected a proposal to name the airport after himself.

The state Minister for Works and Transport, Hon. Fred Byamukama, presented three potential names, which were the result of a local survey in Hoima District. The proposed names were; Y.K Museveni International Airport, Omukama Kabalega International Airport, and Kabale-Hoima International Airport.

A vote was taken, and almost all ministers voted in favor of naming the airport after Y.K Museveni.

As a result, Mr. Museveni didn’t agree with the minister’s concerns and rejected the proposal, explaining that in African culture, it is inappropriate to name buildings and institutions after living people.

He also acknowledged that he would be perceived as a selfish and greedy leader who seeks to be glorified while still alive.