Local population in Mokambu chiefdom is experiencing slavery following forced labour by the CODECO militia

Local population in Mukambu chiefdom has decried the forced labour imposed by the CODECO militia men to build for them shelters.

Some shelters built by the forced labour imposed by CODECO militiamen to live in the village of Abubu in the Musongwa grouping in the Mokambu chiefdom in the Territory are already occupied by these militiamen.

The coordination of the civil society of this chiefdom Thumitho Gregoire welcomes the resistance of some chiefs of the village to take charge of these outlaws.

Mr. Gregoire asks the provincial and territorial authorities to think about the security of the population of the chiefdom of Mokambu who said since the arrival of this militia, the population is going through a difficult situation that they do not deserve.

Let us point out that until now more than 52 houses have already been built by these outlaws in this entity of the Mokambo chiefdom.