Owners of loitering animals in Mahagi Port to pay Shs 250,000 fine

Olar Piranok the Agricultural officer in charge of Wagungu Chiefdom has announce stringent measures to be taken against people whose domestic animals are loitering to cause havoc to peoples gardens in the area.

Speaking to TERRA FM, Olar said they have come up with the decision of fining owners of straying animals Shs 250,000 for each animal found in peoples gardens.

He said the resolution comes at the right time when crop farmers have raised complints of loitering animals damaging their crops at the time when planting season has just started after the rain season.

Some of the farmers who talked to our reporter said the stray animals have become a major challenge to crops like soya beans, maize, cassava, potatoes which have been largely planted in target to fight famine, he appealed to animal owners to respect the right of others.

Meanwhile the chairman LC1 Kolokoto Ufirwoth Ajika appealed to both the farmers and animal keepers to respect one another if they are to transform the community socially and economically.