Fifty assailants arrested by FARDC in Bagata

57 assailants were arrested in the Kimpana quarry in Bagata territory (Kwilu) after an attack on Tuesday by armed men from Kwamouth (Maï-Ndombe) who passed through the village of Pangulu to set fire to and commit murders in the area.

The administrator of the Bagata territory, who provided this information, said that these men were operating with bladed weapons, including machetes and calibers. He added that this was the result of the military reinforcement deployed in this part of the country by the provincial authorities of Kwilu.

He also invited the population to remain vigilant. The justice system should do its job so that these assailants are “judged” and “sentenced” to avoid impunity.

The attack caused 13 deaths, including 11 men and 2 women, according to Joseph Mankoto, who spoke to ACTUALITE.CD. A massive displacement of the population was also observed.