Health Workers at Mahagi Port-Etat decry increase in number of patients escaping with Hospital bills

Health workers at Mahagi Port Etat commonly known as Therabolo in Mahagi Port have expressed concern over the increasing number of patients escaping with hospital bills

This was revealed by the In charge Etat Health center Pol Abekwo while in an interview with our reporter on Wednesday

Pol said at Least 3 patients in a week have fled away with the hospital bill without clear reasons to the hospital admistrators.

He condemned the act saying these cases have rattled Government medical service providers.

He wondered why someone would go to a hospital if you don’t have money. “Adding that, medical practitioners are operating in a market economy where everything is affected by market forces.

Pol further explained that the hospital is losing a lot of money in unpaid bills, because many patients flee without paying the bills.