Belgian court allows secret documents about DR Congo’s Lumumba assassination

A Belgian court agrees to admit the findings of a 22-year-old parliamentary commission into its investigation. The court is looking into the 1961 assassination of DR Congo’s Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, seen by many as one of the country’s founding fathers.

Report from the court indicates that, investigation has kicked off into the murder of an hero politician.

Lumumba was captured and imprisoned en route by state authorities under Mobutu. He was handed over to Katangan authorities, and executed in the presence of Katangan and Belgian officials and officers. His body was thrown into a shallow grave, but later dug up and destroyed.

In June this Year, the Belgian Government returned Lumumba tooth and handed it over to the DRC Government for burial and later, The family of Democratic Republic of Congo’s murdered independence hero Patrice Lumumba buried their only known remains, a tooth, in the capital Kinshasa, 61 years after his death at the hands of Belgian-backed secessionist rebels.