President Tshesekedi hailed for making changes in the army

Congolese Lawyer of Tshopo and Ituri Province Chistian Utheki Udongo has thanked the Congolsese head of state for the change at the head of the armed forces of the DRC.

In a letter addressed to the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Utheki said he is satisfied with the changes made by the head of state of the DRC President Tshesekedi.

According to this doctoral student of the University of Kisangani, who affirms that this appointment comes at the right time given that the Congolese population was impatiently waiting for a new dynamic, he believes that this will not only restore the image and prestige of the country but especially will effectively ensure the defense during this period of aggression of the DRC by Rwanda.

He said that the dynamism of the current command will put a smile on the face of the Congolese population, especially those who are in the East of the Republic.

Last Week, Democratic Republic of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi replaced the head of the armed forces as part of broader military reforms aimed at boosting efficiency.

Congo’s army is fighting multiple armed groups, mainly in its restive east where ethnic militias, Islamist fighters and other rebel groups are battling for control near the borders with Uganda and Rwanda.

In the changes, Christian Tshiwewe Songhesha, former commander of the Republican Guard, an elite unit in charge of protecting the head of state, has replaced Célestin Mbala Musense as the army chief of staff.