Police, Boda Boda operators to fight motorcycle theft in West Nile

Police officers of Pakwach district have to team up with Boda Boda riders to fight the rampant cases of motorcycle theft in West Nile Region.

The decision comes at the time when over 9 motorcycles in Dei got lost in the hands of Boda Boda riders in a period of short time.

The motorcyclists under their umbrella body, boda boda Arena stage in Dei Sub county. said the thieves normally hire their motorcycles on self-ride but end up not returning to their parking stages and others feed their riders with chemicals.

This was revealed by Marko Hassan the Boda Boda Chairperson Arena stage, Marko Hassan who spoke shortly after one Watim Izak a boda boda rider from Nebbi was hired by unknown person from Nebbi to bring him to Dei but was robbed of his motor cycle, number UFQ 961 Z, while at Basima Ogenze bar in Dei on Sunday. The thief set him with chemicals in a drink, left him un conscious then took off with his bike, and victim was rushed to Dei Health center while unconscious.

He called upon joint effort with Police and stake holders to fight the vice, the association chairperson partly blamed the problem on his fellow motorcyclists whom he accused of entrusting strangers eating their food and hiring their motorcycles even at night.

Oyirwoth Alex who claimed ownership of the stolen motor cycle narrates how he released his motor cycle to the victim.