DRC health official’s issues alert after Ebola outbreak in Uganda

Democratic Republic of Congo’s Health officials have urged all stake holders and health authorities at large to remain vigilant following the outbreak of the Sudan strain of the Ebola virus in Uganda.

The statement of alert on Ebola was issues by Ufoyuru Ngageno the Health Supervisor of Nyarambe zone while speaking to our reporter this week.

He stressed that there is need to mobilize all the relevant stakeholders to initiate prevention, preparedness and response measures, Given that DCC and Uganda shares several land and water border crossing points and many porous borders., there is need for Congolese to remain vigilant and report any suspected case.

His warning comes weeks after Uganda reported Ebola outbreaks in the past Weeks. The DR Congo has seen 14 Ebola outbreaks since 1976, with six recorded since 2018.