Kolokoto cotton Farmers Decry low cotton prices

Dozens of cotton farmers in Kolokoto in Wagungu Chiefdom, Mahagi territory have raised complaints over the looming low cotton prices.

This comes after cotton farmers says they have waited for cotton prices in vain. The farmers said they were eager to learn of the new cotton pieces in the month of September but up to now they are in suspense.

Cotton farmers have always looked forward to having an indicative price for cotton set which can save them from unscrupulous middle-men, who take advantage of their ignorance to exploit them

Speaking to TERRA FM, Farmers said the looming cotton price now is at 2000 shs which they describe as being cheated by the private buyers. They ask Ginneries to come out and announce the fixed rice to cotton for this year.

Predicting where cotton prices will go in a volatile economic environment challenges market analysts. But one thing that looks to be certain is that the 2022 cotton market will have a serious challenge.

Texas A&M Extension Economist John Robinson says numerous issues have affected and will continue to affect cotton prices.

Post pandemic buying, strength of the dollar, rising costs of fuel, food, and other consumer goods all may affect the cotton market.