Kolokoto Fishermen attacked by thugs, robbed property worth millions of Shillings

Un know thugs reportedly struck at around 9.00 Pm night and attacked Kolokoto Fishermen in Wagungu Chiefdom, Magiport while fishing on Lake Albert, robbed off their fishing nets and Fish worth millions of shillings.

0ne of the victims identified as Wano told our reporters that 3 thugs were armed with axe and Pangas by the time they attacked them, he said the assailants ordered them to surrender whatever they had.

When contacted, the one incharge of Kolokoto Landing site Maditwun Iswa confirmed the incident and warned that the culprits will be arrested and be brought to book, as he urged security to remain vigilant about the rampart theft of fishing nets on Lake Albert.

This is not the first time to have attack on Congolese fishermen in his jurisdiction.