West Nile leaders angry after President Museveni no-show.

Leaders of the Greater West Nile region have expressed disappointment with President Museveni’s failure to fulfill his campaign pledges.
The situation was worsened after the President cancelled his visit to Nebbi to officiate as a chief guest at the International Day of the Elderly celebrations at Nebbi Town Secondary School on Saturday.

The Nebbi District Local Government chairperson, Mr Emmanuel Urombi, while presenting a joint statement of local leaders from West Nile, said the people were disappointed with the absence of Mr Museveni.

The chairperson, however, said Mr Museveni in the 2011 Manifesto campaigns pledged to tarmac the 16km Goli-Nebbi road which connects with DRC for regional and economic development but had not done so.  
Mr Urombi listed other poor roads such as Goli- Paidha-Zombo-Arua (119 km) which were highlighted in the party manifesto of 2016-2021 with a slogan of steady progress, the Nebbi-Jukiag-Goli- Kasikam (14.4km), and the Panyimur–Pakwach road in the 2021-2026 manifestos. 

Ms Avur Jane Pacuto, the Pakwach Woman MP, said leaders were excited that the occasion would front their agenda for development.
She requested the President to reschedule his visit.
Avur noted that Five years back on the road President Museveni has never steppedon Pakwach land yet they are staunch supporters of NRM and also they wanted Museveni to address about people being evicted from Palango from the other side of  Nwoya District.