African climate summit opens in DR Congo

Environment ministers from about 50 countries gather in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday for a “pre-COP27” climate summit, with rich nations likely to come under pressure to rise spending to combat climate change.

The talks in the DRC’s capital, Kinshasa, are informal but meant to allow various countries and green groups to take stock of political positions ahead of COP27 — the United Nations climate gathering of world leaders in Egypt next month.

An opening ceremony took place in the Congolese parliament building in Kinshasa, followed by discussions on mitigating climate change, and providing funding for countries already damaged by global heating and severe weather events.

Delegates from about 50 countries are expected to attend the talks, including United States climate envoy John Kerry.

Poorer countries had pushed at Glasgow for a financial mechanism to address losses and damage caused by climate change.

But wealthier nations — the largest polluters — rejected the call and the participants agreed instead to start a “dialogue” on financial

The summit is jointly organized by DRC and Egypt.